Who is Iyana Chaka

Iyana Chaka is a family company based in San Francisco. We were born from a need to have skincare that works not just for our family but for thousands of people who suffer from stubborn skin including Eczema & Acne prone individuals. I quickly realized that there's a relationship that needed to be formed between my skin, my diet, my emotional health and overall well being. I learnt that no skincare product or routine will effectively work if other aspects of my life were not contributing to benefit my skin.

I started crafting & formulating good skin & body health habits. Our designs are carefully and intentionally created to heal from the inside-out. 

Iyana is the name my husband and I have given to our daughter. I come from a long history of beautiful women with beautiful skin, having learnt a thing or two from my grandmother who would shout at me for washing my “beautifully toned” skin with hot water. She took pride in showing us various ways of taking care of our skin with natural ingredients. 

Tell me the last time you invested in yourself? It took me a minute to acknowledge that this was no longer an option, no longer just a lifestyle but a necessity. I mean this past year alone made me reflect on how I contribute to society, when I take care of me first. It's the little things that go a long way, how a warm calming bath makes you feel, how rejuvenated you feel after 3 days of clean eating and how your skin thanks you for that constant hydration and moisture you give it. 

Today we have thousands of skincare brands in California and the US in general, yet you may struggle to find and trust what works for your skin. We are here to help you define your personal skin needs. I have taken it upon myself to design & formulate skincare that is minimal effort & intentional. This is a platform that offers skincare, body care and wellness tips & benefits that encourage healthy skincare & wellness habits.

So this is us, tell us a little bit about yourself, here :)