Iyana Chaka Body Oil

The only way to see results in anything you do is to remain CONSISTENT. 
With ageing, our skin struggles to repair its self from all the abuse it endures from the sun’s harmful rays, extreme hot and cold temperatures, bacteria and viruses.
It’s tolerance deteriorates.
Your skin becomes drier as it produces fewer natural moisturising oils. This is due to decrease in hormone production. 
This is why we need to put back into our skin, the oils that we lose. A good moisturiser goes a long way. The aim is to seal in as much moisture as possible and prevent any more dryness to our skin. 
Body Oils help seal in moisture, they tackle dry skin and maintain healthier skin barriers. 
Body Creams , Lotions and Oils won’t help however if you continue to abuse your skin with hot showers or baths. Hot water will strip more oils from your skin. 
Protect your skin with our Body Oil, it’s a light, non-greasy oil that absorbs quickly into your skin. It is packed with antioxidants, High in Vitamin A, Vitamin E as well as Vitamin C! 
Try it out and let us know!!

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